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The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

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50.5 Class action against Alior Bank

Annual Report 2019 > 50.5 Class action against Alior Bank
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On 5 March 2018, a natural person representing a group of 84 natural and legal persons filed a class action against Alior Bank to rule Alior Bank’s liability for a loss caused by the improper performance of Alior Bank’s disclosure obligations to clients and improper performance of agreements to provide services of accepting and forwarding purchase or sale orders of investment certificates of mutual funds managed previously by Fincrea TFI SA and currently by Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Spółka Akcyjna) Branch in Poland. The plaintiffs believe that Alior Bank failed to provide clients with information on the actual risk of investing in investment products, by which it exposed the clients to a loss resulting from the loss of value of investment certificates and loss of guaranteed profits. The PZU Group believes that the class action has no justified factual or legal grounds and therefore it should not be resolved favorably to the clients. With the decision of 27 September 2019 the court resolved to examine the case in a group procedure. On 12 November 2019 Alior Bank filed an appeal against this decision. Additionally, the PZU Group posits that the probability of outflow of funds on this account is estimated at a level below 50%; accordingly, as at 31 December 2019, no provision was established in relation to this action. At the current stage, it is not possible to estimate the possible financial consequences for Alior Bank and the PZU Group if the court hands down a resolution other than the one assumed by the PZU Group.