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Diversity policy applied to the Issuer’s administrative, managing and supervising bodies

Annual Report 2019 > Diversity policy applied to the Issuer’s administrative, managing and supervising bodies
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Best Pratices in PZU

PZU is a company in which the State Treasury has a shareholding. Accordingly, the persons who sit in its managing bodies are selected in accordance with the statutory regulations applicable to these types of entities.

PZU employs best practices promulgating diversity and it cares about equal treatment for employees.

Respecting human rights is assigned special significance in HR policy when it comes to organizational culture. This involves counteracting mobbing and discrimination, offering equal opportunities to all employees regardless of their professional position in the PZU Group, sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political convictions, union membership, ethnic origin, ethnic origin, denomination, sexual orientation, employment for a specified or unspecified term or on a full-time or part-time basis while respecting the right of assembly and the right to strike.

Respecting individuality, promulgating equal treatment and combating discrimination at work are accomplished in practice by supporting procedures and initiatives:

  • countering mobbing – support is given by the Anti-mobbing Procedure contemplating the appointment of an Anti-mobbing Commission to investigate every report of improper conduct that may involve elements of mobbing;
  • ensuring equal treatment in employment opportunities and counteracting discrimination – support is given by the “Report an Incident” procedure enabling employees to convey information pertaining to the breach of a rule through the intranet platform.

In addition, e-learning training entitled “Mobbing – legal and psychological aspects” is available to all employees. This training deals not just with mobbing but also discrimination and equal treatment in employment opportunities.

Additionally, elements pertaining to the psychological working environment are part of regular occupational safety and health training offered to employees and managers alike.

PZU provides its employees equal opportunities for development to enhance their skills, being promoted and compensation, while having regard for employees’ individual potential, their accomplishments and work performance.

Respecting the personal dignity of employees is an important aspect of organizational culture.

Principles supporting diversity and equal treatment span all career stages in PZU, starting from the recruitment process to the duration of the employment relationship (employment terms, access to training and development-minded activities, opportunities to be promoted) to the termination of cooperation.

PZU confirmed its will to pursue a diversity policy by joining the signers of the Charter of Diversity in 2013.

As regards qualifications and requirements for those occupying positions in management and supervisory bodies, PZU in particular takes into account the criteria defined in the provisions of the Commercial Company Code of 15 September 2000, the Insurance and Reinsurance Activity Act of 11 September 2015 and the State Property Management Act of 16 December 2016. The criteria adopted by the legislator aim to ensure recruitment of people with the education and professional experience adequate to occupy management or supervisory positions in a company conducting insurance activity. Management Board and Supervisory Board members are selected for the new term of office in compliance with the principles of equal access of men and women to positions in the company’s statutory bodies. The current composition of the governing bodies also addresses the need of age diversification among PZU Management Board and Supervisory Board members.