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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
  • strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
  • sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

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Client at the center of attention

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Best Pratices in PZU

Responsibility is our foundation - “we honestly advise clients when it comes to the PZU Group’s offers. We talk about genuine benefits, we accurately describe the risks related to our offer, we take responsibility for it and we deliver on our promises. We in the PZU Group strive to solve our clients’ problems with diligence and integrity, and examine complaints on a timely basis. We also avail ourselves of mediation and other amicable forms of dispute resolution.”

PZU Group’s Policies [UoR]

“We feel responsible for setting the direction in which our industry should develop and for ensuring the highest standards of service quality. Tied agents are our biggest asset and showcase today. We will continue to invest in their growth. The awards we receive regularly, such as the Institution of the Year in the category “Quality of service in the outlet”, confirm that the path we are following is right one.”

Michał Świderski, Managing Director for Retail Sales

It is not the number of products that determines PZU’s competitive edge and its unrivaled position on the Polish market, but their quality and, above all, their alignment to client needs as they evolve over their lifetimes. PZU is always present where clients are in need of financial and insurance services, from birth to education and maturity until retirement.

On 9 January 2018, the PZU Management Board and Supervisory Board adopted the strategy update up until 2020. The new model brings together all of the PZU Group’s types of business and integrates them in a client-focused manner: life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance, investments, pensions, health care, banking and assistance services. This approach drives the gradual transformation of insurers from focusing primarily on valuation and transfer of risk toward being an advisory and service company (operating on the basis of technological know-how). Achieving a high level of quality and number of client interactions calls for creating a model in which the core is client knowledge and the skill of building long-term relations. The transformation in the direction of an advisory and service company will make it possible to care for the clients’ future and satisfy their needs comprehensively when it comes to protecting their life, health, property, savings and finances.

The strength of the #newPZU strategy lies in technological support spanning the field of innovation and encompassing nearly all the Group’s operating areas. Multi-dimensional data analysis makes it possible to gain a better grasp of client needs, offer more efficient client service and provide for easier contacts with a greater amount of partnership. The means to reach these goals involve the usage of tools based on artificial intelligence, Big Data and mobile solutions.

12 initiatives (in four areas: data analysis, cross selling, digitalization of processes and client interactions) define the path to achieving strategic objectives.

#newPZU 2020 strategic initiatives


Mindset towards client experience

A mindset focused on the client has long been a component of PZU’s DNA. The Group listens to the client’s voice, collects information about the client’s experience and emotions, examines complaints and recommends changes that will ensure the client maximum satisfaction. All these activities help us design a positive client experience.

Governance policies  and system in the PZU Group [UoR]

PZU and PZU Życie have a client experience management policy in force, with the program devoted to that subject matter being a strategic initiative for the overall Group. The Client Relations Management Department is in charge of its execution. The priority is to develop the best client experience during every contact with the company and its products and services. This program posits systematically proceeding through the various phases of the cycle, starting with a client expectation study and defining the optimum experience, to crafting measures to influence client experience, all the way to implementing changes and constantly measuring the outcomes.

TFI PZU has a procedure in place for handling complaints submitted by its clients and clients of its mutual funds, which defines the principles and guidelines for dealing with complaints submitted by clients of the mutual fund management company or its mutual funds in connection with TFI PZU’s activities in the field of mutual fund establishment and management, in particular regarding brokerage in selling and redeeming participation units, accepting subscriptions for investment certificates, providing management services for portfolios which include one or more financial instruments and fulfilling obligations towards its clients. Moreover, a procedure for serving TFI PZU’s portfolio clients has been developed. It is an internal document that governs activities related to the establishment and termination of cooperation between TFI PZU and its client related to managing portfolios of financial instruments and activities related to client service.

LINK4 has in place a LINK4 TU Complaint Procedure and Rules and regulations for accepting and examining complaints and appeals.

The tool used to manage the program is the policy for managing proactive client initiatives in PZU – closed improvement loop. It applies to all PZU employees who have a direct or indirect impact on client experience.

Closed Improvement Loop:

The closed improvement loop is a model adopted by the PZU Management Board that depicts how we define, implement and monitor proactive client initiatives that ensure positive client experience. The purpose of the closed improvement loop is to improve client experience and streamline existing products and processes, design client experience, ensure consistent and effective communication and create new products and services in line with client needs and expectations.

We are a long-term partner for our clients

We help companies grow by offering them a wide array of products supporting their growth

In 2019, a unique “Focus on the Client” training was held in the form of microlearning. It included attractive video materials, podcasts, a variety of graphics, exercises and quizzes with prizes. The training was aimed at educating employees in the areas of client experience and employee experience and, additionally, at boosting a client-focused organizational culture. During the training, experts demonstrated how important client experience is and how it affects business. Every PZU employee, serving either external or internal clients, was eligible to take part in the training. After completing all modules and providing correct answers to quiz questions, the training participants also received a PZU client experience ambassador certificate.

A total of 1,300 employees enrolled in the training, which was very favorably evaluated by the participants. As many as 336 staff became CX certified ambassadors, meaning that they completed all stages of the training and solved all the required quizzes


Phoenix system

The collection of data from PZU’s databases also facilitates better client service. The Phoenix Project pursued in 2018 – to develop a CRM class integrated platform – enables PZU agents and employees to gain ergonomic and effective access to all the information regarding their clients.

The development of an integrated CRM platform will contribute to the achievement of PZU’s strategic goals by 2020 (including the development of CRM tools to support all retail sales channels) and to the full use of the unique potential of PZU’s retail distribution network. In turn, the deployment of the 360 degree view will be conducive to one of the 12 key initiatives presented in the PZU Group’s updated strategy for 2017-2020, namely “Data base merger and creation of a single joint CRM system in the PZU Group/full client picture (360 degree view)” The purpose of deployment of the 360 degree view in the Phoenix system fed with data from the Focus system is to provide PZU agents and employees with ergonomic and efficient access to full information about their clients. The 360 degree view helps build relations with clients and forms the basis for growing cross-selling in the PZU Group.


New product – investing in passive funds through the internet

In October 2018, the online inPZU transaction service to sell mutual fund units s was launched. This service bypasses intermediaries and directly reaches retail clients with its new offer of index funds. Client service is done solely in the online channel without having to pay a visit to a branch while the platform is available on all network-enabled devices. inPZU has enabled the Group to build the first offer of low cost index funds in Poland.

In 2019, the following features of inPZU were implemented:

  • institutional client service;
  • employee portal for ECS account holders;
  • integration with the mojePZU service through a shared login (SSO) and displaying the balance of investment portfolios and ECS accounts on mojePZU.


  • building the image of TFI PZU as an innovative, modern and low-cost brand;
  • reaching clients through a new sales channel (online);
  • at the end of 2019, more than 6,800 investment portfolios were opened in the inPZU service;
  • the service had almost 950 thousand page views;
  • TFI PZU’s clients executed over 21 thousand purchase transactions of inPZU SFIO fund participation units.

Segmentation of claims

At LINK4, we endeavor to put the client in the focal point at every stage of the life of his or her products. Undeniably, innovations are very helpful in this pursuit. One of them is an advanced analytical model that sends claims down the proper handling path already at the registration stage.

The applied solution adapts the claim handling process as efficiently as possible to the extent of the claim, shortens the claim handling time and reduces the client’s involvement in the whole claim handling process.



Filing an insurance claim, booking a physician’s visit, getting a referral to a medical test or e-prescription, purchase of a home or travel insurance policy or investing their savings – PZU clients can do it all in one place. It is myPZU.

Modern self-service offers a single location to access PZU Group’s products and services and helps in the handling of numerous matters without the need to visit a branch or call a hotline. It is accessible from any location and at any time on personal computers and through the myPZU mobile app.

MyPZU is the most comprehensible platform available on the insurance, financial and health markets. It is continuously upgraded with new functions. Several months ago, the possibility of using the PZU Pomocni Club was added. It is a loyalty program, through which clients are able to obtain attractive discounts and rebates. The club gives them bonuses, for example for leading a healthy lifestyle and everyone who registers in the Club receives a welcome gift.

“Poles never part with their phones, and we want to be where our clients are. We are intent on seeking solutions that will make life easier for our clients.”

Konrad Grajeta, Director of the mojePZU project



Before-You-Call Service

The PZU Group is deeply convinced that insurers should instill a sense of security and conviction that someone will always be there for the client in times of trouble. Unfortunately, clients do not always share this sense. The PZU Group wishes to change this and be there for its clients when they need support the most, often even before they formally report their claim.

The Before-You-Call Service is the first solution of this type in Poland within the framework of which the insurer initiates contact with the client and offers the client actual assistance before the formal notification of the claim, putting both the client and the client’s needs first.

After the occurrence of an insurable event (such as a fire or gas explosion), an attempt is made to identify the client based on information obtained from publicly available sources (including the Internet, radio and emergency phone number). In cases where such identification is successful, contact with the client is established to provide actual assistance in the unfortunate situation (for instance, if the policy cover provides for a substitute apartment, it will be offered to the client during the first contact). Registration of the claim may be performed on a different day, at a time convenient for the client.

In 2019, the process only covered property-related insurable events (without motor insurance claims).

Data for 2019:

  • 116 registered events;
  • 14 events in which PZU clients were injured;
  • 184 injured PZU clients;
  • 143 persons we managed to contact;
  • 182 registered assistance cases, including 5 registered claims.

Furthermore, the Before-You-Call Service won an award in the Excellent Communication with the Client category in the Golden Earphone contest.


Professional service and sales handling indicator

This indicator was implemented into our studies in 2018 to simplify mystery shopping measurements carried out in PZU branches. It is based on client service standards applied throughout the sale process as well as on the GDPR guidelines and the Insurance Distribution Directive.

Prior to its rollout, the quality of client service was measured using several (up to four) indicators, which was not easy to grasp. Existing indicators were thoroughly reviewed and served as the basis for the creation of a single, much simpler indicator, which was then augmented in accordance with the GDPR guidelines and the Insurance Distribution Directive.

The indicator values are monitored on a quarterly basis. They are very high. For instance, in Q4 2019 the value was record-breaking at an impressive 97%.

Alior Bank has in place the Rules of Individual Client Service Quality Standards and Business Client Service Quality Standards.


Client satisfaction survey using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) method

The level of client satisfaction is monitored by Alior Bank on a quarterly basis. These surveys concern the score on overall satisfaction with cooperation with the bank as well as on various products and distribution channels (the surveys cover branches and partner centers). The surveys plus remarks make it possible to determine the overall level of client satisfaction and their willingness to recommend the bank to other clients. This means that Alior Bank can do more comprehensive research forming the starting point to implement improvements. The NPS for 2019 was at 29 (24 a year earlier).

The PZU Group has in force guidelines defining how the process of accepting, recording and examining client complaints is organized. A procedure has been rolled out in PZU Zdrowie describing the rules for the workflow, records and examination of complaints by the Client Relation Section and PZU Zdrowie branches. It also defines responsibility in this process and the method of reporting complaints.

The values of the indicator concerning timely examination of complaints in 2018-2019 were as follows:



System for preventing grievances

The process of preventing grievances underpins responsible sales. Based on the conclusions drawn from complaints, all employees involved in examining complaints put forward to the Client Relations Department (the owner of the complaint handling process) complaints-related initiatives, or ideas on how to streamline and eradicate the sources of these complaints and client dissatisfaction. For this purpose, an appropriate tool has created: the Complaints-related Initiatives Database. The Client Relations Department is responsible for handling all submitted initiatives: verifying all submitted ideas, checking the reasonability of proposed changes with business owners, monitoring the progress of work and then reporting on the outcome of changes and their business impact.

In 2019, 106 complaints-related initiatives were developed (i.e. those that were reported based on requests derived from client complaints).


PZU clients can count on the assistance of the Client Ombudsman in difficult, multi-faceted cases that require a tailormade approach.

Clients directly contact the Ombudsman through a web form, e-mail or by phone. It is also possible to have a visit in person in PZU’s Head Office in Warsaw. Every notification is recorded in the system while the Ombudsman intervenes in cases that, in his or her opinion, require a non-standard approach. More than 1.3 thousand notifications were filed with the Ombudsman in 2019. The accepted standard calls for closing a case within five business days.

Scope of notifications forwarded to the Client Ombudsman in 2019:

PZU’s Client Ombudsman also analyzes the cases forwarded to the Management Board.

PZU’s Client Ombudsman also mediates before the Financial Ombudsman and in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Going forward, the activities of the Client Ombudsman are intended to be continued, with greater emphasis placed on the educational function. The Ombudsman has established cooperation with the National Association of the Deaf to best align insurance products with the needs of deaf and mute clients.