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The Health Area has become an integral part of PZU Group’s business model in 2014. Currently, the operations associated with development of medical services are one of the most important growth areas of the PZU Group. At the end of 2019, the Group had 2.7 million in-force health contracts. This is a 18% increase in relation to 2018. In 2020 the health business is expected to generate PLN 1 billion in revenues. 

The operating model in the Health area supplements and expands PZU’s insurance offering. Two complementary types of activities are conducted:

  • sale of health products in the form of insurance and sale of non-insurance products (occupational medicine, medical subscriptions, partnerships and prevention programs);
  • development of the medical infrastructure in Poland to ensure the best accessibility of provided medical services.

Clients and products

In the Health Area the PZU Group offers a broad range of health products adapted to the segment’s and clients’ needs:

  • Corporate client segment (life and health insurance) – the sales of group life and health insurance constitute the basis for the business operations of the PZU Group’s Health Area. The offering is addressed to corporate clients and the SME and micro business segments. Employers may purchase insurance in the sponsored or co-financed model, or negotiate a group offer for their employees;
  • Mass insurance segment (health, non-life insurance) – mass clients buying non-life policies are offered additional health insurance of assistance nature, ensuring access to specific medical services if an event under the basic policy occurs;
  • Retail client segment (life and non-life health insurance) – retail clients are provided with health care under health insurance in the form of individual continuation or rider to life insurance;
  • Non-insurance products – PZU Zdrowie as a medical operator offers health services to individual clients using proprietary clinics and corporate clients seeking an alternative for products in the form of insurance. 

Your health and employee health

We cover your health and the health of your relatives. We help you when you have an accident or fall ill. Thanks to our offering, being an employer, you can provide your employees, e.g. with life protection and medical care. 

Distribution network

Health products – in the form of life and health and property insurance and non-insurance products – benefit from synergies within the PZU Group and are distributed through virtually all sales channels, however based on the corporate and agency chain of PZU and PZU Życie.

Medical infrastructure

PZU Zdrowie cooperates with more than 2,200 partner centers in more than 620 towns and cities in Poland.

At the same time, it has been consistently developing its own network of 130 medical centers, among others in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Katowice, Częstochowa, Radom, Płock and Opole, which in aggregate employ more than 2,200 physicians. Initially, it was created by acquiring local healthcare service providers with extensive experience and a good reputation in the medical community. Currently, PZU Zdrowie is expanding the scope of its operations through acquisitions and, in parallel, through building greenfield medical centers, which makes it easier for the company to usher in uniform standards in terms of equipment and patient service in such facilities.

In 2019, 1 new PZU Zdrowie medical center was opened – in Wrocław. This is another center situated in an excellent location, built on a greenfield basis with interior design consistent with the latest visual identity standards of the PZU Zdrowie brand. Additionally, a new center was opened in Radom, also in compliance with the new standards. The newly opened medical centers have a multi-specialization profile, to enable both patients benefiting from the medical care offered by PZU Zdrowie and patients who use the services rendered in these centers on an ad hoc basis to be provided with the necessary medical assistance. An important issue is the location of these centers – they have been built in modern buildings easily accessible by public transport.

Additionally, PZU Zdrowie merged with Revimed and Artimed in 2019. In December 2019, Elvita merged with Multimed and in January 2020 Profmed merged with CM Medica.

In 2019, three acquisitions were finalized – Alergo-Med (acquired by PZU Zdrowie), FCM Zdrowie and Starówka (acquired by PZU Zdrowie) and Tomma Diagnostyka (acquired by PZU Zdrowie), leading providers of private medical care.

Extensive medical infrastructure guarantees quick appointments; in the case of basic medical care, an appointment is offered within a maximum of 2 business days, and in the case of specialists within a maximum of 5 business days.

Development of the scale of operations of PZU Zdrowie

Contact channels

A patient can make a doctor’s appointment or an appointment for any other medical service provided by PZU Zdrowie through multiple contact channels:

  • self-service website mojePZU with access to the calendar of appointments of each center;
  • 24/7 hotline;
  • appointment scheduling form on;
  • PZU mobile application (available from App Store and Google Play);

Contact channels

Find a medical center

Facilities for patients

  • We guarantee short waiting times for medical appointments – our availability deadlines are stated in the general terms and conditions of insurance (2 business days for a primary care physician, 5 business days for a specialist physician).
  • Our patients can benefit from services throughout Poland – our partner network covers 620 towns and cities and we keep developing our own network of 130 centers.
  • We provide remote medical care – our patients can use a phone, chat or video chat to consult specialist physicians of over a dozen medical fields. During remote consultation, patients may discuss their ailments, test results and receive prescriptions for medicines taken permanently as well as obtain referrals for examinations;
  • Patient’s path – the purpose of the platform is to conduct a patient check-up, which is very similar to when a physician conducts an examination, followed by presenting the most probable solution and defining the next steps. This may be phone consultation, video consultation or a chat with a doctor or a visit in a clinic to with a specific specialist. However in many cases such a discussion with a patient may end with an advice or a prescription sent without any need to leave home.
  • We do not require referrals to visit specialist physicians and we also honor referrals from physicians from outside our network.
  • We also allow our patients to get treatment from doctors from outside our network: through the reimbursement option clients may use medical services included in the coverage outside of our network



In 2019, PZU Zdrowie either started or continued the execution of the following IT projects aimed at improving its customer service:

  • mojePZU– a self-service website of the PZU Group offering healthcare functionalities, enabling the holder of health products to:
    • make or cancel an appointment over the Internet,
    • see which centers cooperate with PZU,
    • check the list of past and upcoming appointments,
    • verify if a specific medical service is covered by the user’s insurance,
    • obtain advice on how to prepare for an examination;
  • Olimp – PZU Zdrowie’s website assisting employers in handling various matters related to occupational medicine services, for example by:
    • monitoring expiration dates of employees’ medical examinations,
    • enabling the creation of a referral for an examination with “one click”,
    • enabling the PZU Hotline to contact the employee with sufficient advance notice to remind him/her about an upcoming examination,
    • providing the PZU Hotline with the referral form to facilitate the conversation with the employee and schedule his/her examinations,
    • creating a list of things to do related to ongoing handling of occupational medicine services and sending reminders by e-mail,
    • enabling the handling of several companies from the same group;
  • Communications broker – a project integrating the calendars of partner network centers and own network centers, facilitating the process of scheduling appointments and the provision of medical services;
  • Virtual Clinic – allows for remote medical consultations and purchase of prescribed medicines in a selected pharmacy;
  • EDM – a project implementing medical documentation in own centers.