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The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

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Best Pratices in PZU

The knowledge and experience of the PZU Group’s employees represent the company’s enormous capital. As we understand how important this is for the society and the economy, PZU rolled out new knowledge sharing standards. Participating in various types of events, conferences and symposiums and activities to benefit business development, science, new technology and financial education makes it possible to convey some of the expert knowledge to employees and the company while showing our care for the common good.

One example of such an approach is the issue of properly estimating risk. This is a key skill in many positions, not only ones that are directly related to the insurance industry. Many pre-eminent experts related to this area work in PZU.

In 2019, PZU prepared several learning workshops. One of them pertained to the scope of fire protection and the training was conducted in the Dolna Odra Power Plant. The attendees of the workshops were presented modern fire protection solutions and learned about improvement of safety and mitigation of fire risks. 

PZU LAB organized the Mining and Energy Generating Plants Safety Forum. The purpose of this event was to promote knowledge and exchange information on the broadly defined safety in the power and mining industry.

On the other hand, for clients in the timber industry, a training was organized for insurance underwriters in the SME division. During the training, PZU LAB engineers, who are experts and experienced risk assessment practitioners, discussed the key aspects of underwriting in the timber industry. The theoretical part took place on 21 November 2019.


Business Open Door Days is a workshop event for students from across Poland. It offers students an opportunity to face the real business issues and become familiar with the unique daily challenges in the area of their choice. They are also able to put the knowledge gained during their studies to a test. Through the workshops, we are demonstrating the organizational culture and work at PZU and encourage them to participate in other events designated for students.

Nine workshop days were organized between 2 and 13 December 2019. Each day was devoted in its entirety to a different topic (investment funds, innovation, actuarial pricing, robotics, negotiations, IT, cybersecurity, e-commerce, financial analysis). The workshops were conducted by PZU employees who are experts in respective fields, using practical business examples. They were preceded by a theoretical part. The workshop was held in PZU’s Head Office in Warsaw (PZU Tower).

1001 applications from across Poland were acquired during the recruitment campaign. A total of 209 participants were invited to the nine-day workshop, whose operation required engagement of 35 PZU employees.

The substantive level, form, preparation of trainers and topics all received high marks from the participants, as compared by the evaluation surveys, in which 92.5% of the respondents would recommend the Business Open Door Days to their acquaintances.

During this practice, one day was devoted to workshops dedicated to the IT area only. Nearly 30 students had the chance to see the broad range of opportunities that are offered by PZU Group in terms of the development paths in IT (5 paths: PM IT, Agile, DevOps Pętla, DevOps Automation, GAP), while the event itself directed the students’ attention to the technologies used in everyday work and encouraged them to apply for internships and traineeships in the future. 

Programs for students

Internships and apprenticeships are also a method of sharing knowledge. They allow students to gain professional experience and get to know the organizational culture of a large organization.


Paid summer internship program

The main goal of the summer internship program at PZU is to ensure the inflow of young talents to the organization and build the image of the company as an attractive employer. The program allows the students to gain professional experience and learn the organizational culture.

In 2019, the summer internship program took place in the summer vacation period, from July to the end of September. In the spring (March and April) a recruitment campaign was conducted offline (e.g. stands in universities) and online (in particular in the social media).

Internships are offered by various business areas of the company in different locations, e.g. in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań and Wrocław. The program begins with an on-boarding training. The cooperation also includes training and integration meetings.

On average, 102 people responded to each internship offer (with 50 published internship offers). According to the results of the evaluation survey, 100% of the interns would recommend the program to others.

In 2020, 32 interns are to be employed for 3-month summer internships and 38 trainees for 6-month traineeship programs. 


PZU Ambassadors Program

PZU Ambassadors are a group of pro-active students, who have distinguished themselves in a significant manner. They represent the PZU Group in their universities and act as liaisons between PZU and the academic community. They help engage the best students in their universities in the projects. During special organizational meetings at the PZU head office, the ambassadors get to know its organizational culture and participate in training courses e.g. focusing on teamwork skills.

In the academic year 2019/2020, a total of 18 PZU ambassadors have been active in the largest academic centers in Poland.

The ambassadors helped implement the “PZU Group Opportunity Zone” project. It was a cycle of promotional stands, where students were able to learn more about career growth opportunities in PZU.

PZU Ambassadors Program in numbers during promotion of the PZU Group Opportunity Zone project:

17 meeting organized in universities in Poland


10 cities visited



1,001 applications for Business Open Door Days were obtained


Additionally, the ambassadors support the PZU Group’s activities on an ongoing basis by gathering recommendations regarding interesting local events, represent the PZU Group in student associations/science clubs. In the spring of 2020, they will be involved in job fairs, organization of promotional stands in universities and in cooperation with university career offices.