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Share capital and shareholders of PZU, stock held by members of its governing bodies

Annual Report 2019 > Share capital and shareholders of PZU, stock held by members of its governing bodies
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On 30 June 2015, PZU’s Ordinary Shareholder Meeting adopted a resolution to split all PZU shares by decreasing the par value of each PZU share from PLN 1 to PLN 0.10 and increasing the number of PZU shares making up the share capital from 86,352,300 to 863,523,000 shares. The split was effected by exchanging all the shares at a ratio of 1:10. The share split did not affect the amount of PZU’s share capital.

On 3 November 2015 the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register registered the pertinent amendment to PZU’s Articles of Association.

On 24 November 2015 the Management Board of the National Depository for Securities (Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych, “KDPW”) adopted Resolution No. 789/15 on setting 30 November 2015 as the date for splitting 86,348,289 PZU shares with a par value of PLN 1 each into 863,482,890 PZU shares with a par value of PLN 0.10 each.

Accordingly, PZU’s share capital is divided into 863,523,000 ordinary shares with a par value of PLN 0.10 each carrying the right to 863,523,000 votes at the Shareholder Meeting.

The State Treasury is the sole PZU shareholder holding a majority equity stake as of 31 December 2019 and as of the date of publishing these financial statements.

The State Treasury holds 295,217,300 shares representing 34.19% of PZU’s share capital giving the right to 295,217,300 votes at the Shareholder Meeting.

On 24 July 2019, PZU received a notification pertaining to movement in the equity stake held in PZU by Nationale Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny.

According to this notification, as a result of selling PZU shares in transactions on the Warsaw Stock Exchange settled on 18 July 2019, Nationale-Nederlanden OFE reduced its equity stake in PZU to below 5% of the votes at PZU’s shareholder meeting. At the same time, as a result of the same transaction, the funds managed by Nationale-Nederlanden Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne S.A.: Nationale-Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny and Nationale-Nederlanden Dobrowolny Fundusz Emerytalny, reduced their total stake in PZU to a level below 5% of the votes at PZU’s shareholder meeting.  

PZU’s shareholder structure as at 31 December 2018

Source: Current Report 21/2018 (data rounded to the nearest integer)

PZU’s shareholder structure as at 31 December 2019

Source: Current Report 19/2019 (data rounded to the nearest integer)

The PZU Management Board does not have any information about executed agreements as a result of which changes may transpire in the future in the equity stakes held by its shareholders to date.

PZU did not issue, redeem or repay any debt or equity securities that would provide its shareholders with special control rights.

In 2013-2019, PZU did not have any employee stock programs in place.

According to the Articles of Association, the shareholders’ voting rights have been limited in such a manner that no shareholder may exercise more than 10% of the total number of votes in existence in PZU at its Shareholder Meeting on the date of holding a Shareholder Meeting subject to the reservation that for the purposes of determining the obligations of the buyers of significant equity stakes contemplated by the Act on Public Offerings and the Insurance Activity Act, such limitation of voting rights shall be deemed not to exist. The restriction on voting rights does not apply to the following:

  • shareholders who on the date of adopting the Shareholder Meeting resolution implementing this limitation were entitled to shares representing more than 10% of the total number of votes;
  • shareholders acting with the shareholders specified in the item above pursuant to executed agreements pertaining to jointly exercising the voting rights attached to shares.

For the purpose of limiting voting rights, the votes of shareholders among whom there is a parent or subsidiary relationship are totaled in accordance with the rules described in the Articles of Association.

In the event of doubt, the provisions regarding the restriction on voting rights are subject to interpretation according to Article 65 § 2 of the Civil Code.

In line with PZU’s Articles of Association, these voting restrictions will expire starting from the moment when the equity stake held by the shareholder who held shares giving the right to more than 10% of the total number of votes in PZU when the Shareholder Meeting adopted the resolution drops below 5% of the Company’s share capital.

Shares or rights to shares held by members of management or supervisory bodies and PZU Group Directors

As at the date of publication of this Activity Report, only Tomasz Kulik, Member of the PZU Management Board held PZU shares numbering 2,847, which the Company reported in current report 23/2018. No changes transpired from the date of conveying the 2018 consolidated financial statements (i.e. 13 March 2019) with respect to members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board or Group Directors holding PZU shares or rights to shares.