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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
  • strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
  • sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

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PZU Group’s new operating model

Annual Report 2019 > PZU Group’s new operating model
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The PZU Group enjoys the trust of more than 22 million clients in 5 countries in Europe.

The PZU Group’s offer is the most extensive and most comprehensive, insurance and financial offer on the Polish market. It consists of a broad array of insurance, pension and investment products addressed to all client segments. Group companies are active in health care, banking and additionally they render assistance services to retail clients and businesses through strategic partnerships. SECTION PZU GROUP’S DEVELOPMENT

The PZU Group Strategy published on 9 January 2018: “The New PZU – More Than Insurance” SECTION STRATEGY is client-centered. The mission that we have defined – we help clients care for their future – means that our client relationships and our client knowledge are becoming our overriding value, while our chief product is our acumen in addressing client needs to build a stable future.

PZU wants to do something different from the classical client relation model in which the only contact clients have with their insurer after buying a policy is when a claim occurs. PZU intends to effectively help clients solve their problems in many areas and during every stage of life. PZU’s philosophy of thinking about clients constitutes a departure from the classic model of an insurer’s client relations rooted solely in sales and aftersales service. PZU’s goal is to establish and maintain relations by delivering products well-matched to clients at the appropriate time and place so as to ensure at the same time that the product’s attributes (including its price) are aligned to client needs.

This approach has defined the operating philosophy under the PZU Group’s new business model.

The new model brings together all of the PZU Group’s activities and integrates them in a client-focused manner: life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance, investments, pensions, health care, banking and assistance services. This approach drives the gradual transformation of insurers from focusing primarily on valuation and transfer of risk toward being an advisory and service company (operating on the basis of technological know-how). Achieving a high degree of quality and number of client interactions calls for creating a model in which the core is client knowledge and the skill of building long-term relations. The transformation in the direction of an advisory and service company will make it possible to care for the clients’ future and satisfy their needs comprehensively when it comes to protecting their life, health, property, savings and finances.

We are changing PZU – we are becoming a lifetime partner

We are a long-term partner for our clients

We help companies grow by offering them a wide array of products supporting their growth

The PZU Group proposed abandoning “product centricity” in favor of an ecosystem whose overriding objective is to manage client relations skillfully by offering solutions in all venues available to clients. Accurately anticipating the future, understanding client needs and building ever better methods of becoming part of their daily lives are the logical grounds underpinning other initiatives in PZU’s new strategy. These initiatives contribute to transforming the Group’s operating model in the direction of an ecosystem spanning not just insurance, but also banking, health protection and payments.

A better utilization of the company’s Big Data sets, digitalization of processes, usage of artificial intelligence and new technologies associated with the development of fintechs and insurtechs allows for new risk underwriting methods, streamlining of processes, including those that affect clients directly. The beneficiaries of change include areas such as sales, claims handling and medical diagnostics.

All services in one place

Filing an insurance claim, booking a physician’s visit, getting a referral to a medical test or e-prescription, purchase of a home or travel insurance policy or investing their savings – PZU clients can do it all in one place. It is myPZU.

Launching the portal is not just the outcome of developing digitalization and mobility in PZU but also a way of radically modifying client interactions. This is a one-of-a-kind dashboard enabling clients to check their insurance coverage at any time, manage their medical coverage and appointments and handle their investments.

Modern self-service offers a single location to access PZU Group’s products and services and helps in the handling of numerous matters without the need to visit a branch or call a hotline. It is accessible from any location and at any time on personal computers and through the myPZU mobile app launched in 2019.

MyPZU is the most comprehensible platform available on the insurance, financial and health markets. It is continuously upgraded with new functions. In 2019, the possibility of using the PZU Pomocni Club was added. It is a loyalty program, through which clients are able to obtain attractive discounts and rebates. The club gives them bonuses, for example for leading a healthy lifestyle and everyone who registers in the Club receives a welcome gift.