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Cultural patronage

Annual Report 2019 > Cultural patronage
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The PZU Group’s concern for cultural goods builds social identity, respect for tradition, a sense of belonging to the community and its history. For years, the company has supported major cultural institutions and events, collaborating with them to promote culture and national heritage. This included mainly patronage over the most prominent cultural institutions in Poland.

  • PZU is a patron of the National Museum in Warsaw. It is one of the most important museums in Poland. It has one of the largest collections in Europe, consisting of collections of ancient art, Polish and European painting from different periods, as well as numismatic collections and monuments of artistic craftsmanship. As part of its preventive activities, in 2019 PZU supported multidimensional protection of the facility, for example helping in the installation of a new burglar alarm system and shutdown control systems for air handling units;
  • PZU supports the National Museum in Krakow and all of its facilities. As a long-term patron of the National Museum in Kraków, it helps achieve objectives related to exhibition, educational and publishing projects and to ensuring the security of our buildings, to the national heritage collections presented in them and to the staff and visitors of the Museum.
  • PZU is also the patron of the Royal Łazienki Museum. The Company actively participates in the development of programs it is a patron of. Thanks to PZU, the Museum continues to raise the level of technical security of its collection and the visiting guests. As part of the Safe Royal Łazienki Garden 2019 program, PZU made it possible to, among others, equip the Museum’s guard services with environmentally-friendly vehicles (Renault Twizy) to ensure safety of more than 3 million visitors that come to the garden every year. PZU also helped the ensure safety of the facilities and visitors during 3 temporary exhibition, for which PZU acted as the patron;
  • PZU is also a patron of the Warsaw Uprising anniversary ceremony and since 2015 it has also been the Patron of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. As part of the museum’s safety improvement program, financed from the prevention fund, all central equipment in the security building was replaced, including: cameras and monitors, electronic locks, lifts and cranes for the disabled. The purpose of these activities was to ensure safety of the collection of icons, by providing appropriate equipment to the workshop and warehouse to store and display iconographic collections and maintain the required temperature and humidity parameters;
  • Since 2015, PZU has been the Patron of the Grand Theatre – National Opera, also as part of its prevention activities. Thanks to PZU, the building has been equipped with the cutting-edge anti-theft system. PZU has also assumed the patronage of the TWON Opera Academy. It is a program supporting the career development of young talented opera artists.


In 2019, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage presented the annual awards for the Patrons of Culture. PZU was recognized for its propagation and protection of culture and national heritage.

“Supporting culture is beautiful art and the annual award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the title of Patron of Culture for PZU are proof that we are true artists in supporting cultural institutions and events. We perceive the role of a patron of culture as something more than just help in financing cultural events. We also ensure safety and security of people, works of art and buildings; this is why we co-finance the purchase of modern fire and burglary prevention systems.”

Dorota Macieja, Management Board member of PZU Życie